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Political Researcher

Political Researcher
Salaire / mois
Localisation Dakar / Sénégal
Expiration 24 Fevrier 2020
Offre visitée 139 fois

Description de l'offre

Tony Blair Institute recruits a Political Researcher

Our focus is on tackling the big challenges which hold such a vision of globalisation back:

• Poor governance which stops the benefits of globalisation being shared because countries cannot build the institutional strength and resilience to transform their situation and deliver for their people

• Extremism which stops the co-existence and cultural open-mindedness essential for social integration

• Conflict which entrenches sectarianism and paralyses progress, particularly in the Middle East

• Western politics which is in urgent need of a new agenda to provide radical but sensible answers to the new challenges presented by globalisation, technology, and the rise of a new false populism.

Our Governance work supports the governments and leaders of fragile, developing, and emerging states to enhance their effectiveness. We

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