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Salaire 200000-350000/ mois
Localisation Dakar / Sénégal
Type contrat Prestataire etc.
Expiration 30 Avril 2020
Offre visitée 1294 fois

Description de l'offre

AFRICA EXPERTS INC. is recruiting a Project Manager to identify, support and build AEI’s business pipeline full time (40 hours a week) to start. In this role, the Project Manager will support the development of technical and financial offers, including producing content as required (with the support of AEI partners), collecting information, engaging with AEI experts to fulfill past performance requirements, and packaging technical and financial offers for submission. The project manager will be the first point of contact with AEI consultants, managing our network across West Africa, developing partnerships and helping AEI implement its private sector and university engagement strategy. The Project Manager will also support contract deliverables, including report writing/editing and consultant management. The Project Manager will work directly with AEI partners.

The Project Manager will also carry out regular tracking of procurement sites and will conduct research when needed for bid submissions or live bids.

AEI seeks a Project Manager who is bi-lingual in French and English and can write professionally in both. A writing sample may be required.

AEI seeks to provide professional development opportunities for all of its experts, and the Project Manager will be no exception. When possible and depending on the performance and experience of the Project Manager, AEI will propose the Project Manager as a consultant on appropriate bids and contracted opportunities. AEI’s partners will also suggest and support relevant training opportunities as relevant.

In case of consultancy work, the Project Manager will receive a daily rate in line with AEI’s competitive rate grid. There will be opportunities to increase the daily rate as the Project Manager is included on bids and gains experience. If additional hours are needed above the 40 hours per week, the Project Manager will be fairly compensated.

Job Responsibilities:

Support the development of technical and financial offers for bids, including research as needed
Support on-time implementation of contracts, including management of deliverables and consultants
Support report writing and other deliverables as needed
Collaborate with partners on strategy and business development for AEI
Develop text and other content as required (with the support of AEI partners) for bids
Develop and manage bid calendar, keeping AEI partners and experts on-track for submission
Regularly track procurement sites and update list of sites
Develop and update system for tracking bid opportunities pursued, won, and lost and sharing among partners
Research for bid submission or AEI contracts, as needed
Carry out basic bookkeeping, procurement and government paper work on an as-needed basis.
Manage email and calendar
All other tasks as assigned

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