Business Development Officer
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Business Development Officer

Salaire xxx/ mois
Localisation DAKAR / Sénégal
Type contrat CDD
Expiration 30 Juillet 2020
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Description de l'offre

International Staffing Company hiring a Business Development Officer.

Our client is a subsidiary of a leading international energy (power, oil & gas) and infrastructure conglomerate with business operations in over 38 countries across Africa, Europe, The Middle East and Asia. Your mission will be to manage and foster the relationship between the Government, and the company. This role entails relationship building with regulatory authorities and Major stake holders.

Key deliverables

Monitor products allocations, vessel nominations/documentary instructions, payment processes and reconciliation efforts
Facilitate the paperwork for working with both Federal & State governments
Schedule regular check ins with government counterparts
Monthly preferred nomination on all operational crude contracts
Vessel clearance and documentary instruction for crude oil lifting
Timely LC issuance and Stand By Letter of Credit rollover for crude allocations
LC and performance clearance for crude loading
Timely claims for quality and quantity as may be required

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