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About SenJob

Welcome to, the specialist of online job search in Sub-Saharan Africa. About 1 000 hiring per year...
To facilitate its growth and develop its projects, SenJob is looking for professionals from all nationalities and levels of qualification.
Discover our online offers and apply on our site and your application will be accessible to SenJob recruiters and you will receive new offers via email as well!


photo proposes solutions adapted to each type of company. website offers companies the possibility to hire the best applicant.
Our services target institutions or any company in search of qualified staff, regardless of the sector. Our understanding and knowledge of the economic environment and the job market enable us to reach degree holders wherever they are via SenJob. For a matter of fact, many a young degree holder who studied in universities and renowned colleges across the world intends to come back to Africa and settle down. effectively supports you in your search and recruitment of applicants meeting your requirements by providing a website available 24/7 and wherever you go.

We provide a structured and customized recruitment platform that will enable you to maximize the success of your hiring approach as well as the quality of the applicants.We
believe that your human capital will be a major element in enhancing your competitiveness and the development of your company.
We offer to any company the following:

• A specialized and efficient hiring service ;
• An efficient profile search tool;
• A structured selection service;
• A rich and varied database;
• A regular follow-up based on the applicant’s profile;
• An updating service and electronic monitoring of your offers;
• A satisfaction guaranty of our services.

  Job seekers offers job seekers the opportunity to search for a job in all confidentiality via our website On a daily basis, you can know and receive job opportunities on the market matching your career choice. We propose to you an efficient and professional support for your search and service offer by tapping into our vast network of companies and organizations counting on our expertise to recruit. We are committed to making available to any employer your entrepreneurship, leadership and ambition to hone your skills to the highest level in your field. We are committed to offering you a highly customized service in all confidentiality; to market as much as possible your application in pursuance to all the necessary confidentiality.

We offer to all the candidates :

• Efficient and confidential management of job posts;
• Free submission of application and professional profile;
• Access to the best career offers available on a daily basis;
• Advice on how to write a cover letter, and succeed in an interview.

Good luck!!
SenJob Team

Senjob and you
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